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Green Juice

This recipe is our weekly ritual. Come every Sunday, we bring out the food processor and indiscriminately consume massive amounts of fiber.

Prepare to chop, peel, dice, and blend.

Ingredient Amount gramscaloriescarbsfatproteinfiber
Almond Milk 1 cup 240402311
Chia Seeds 2 tbs 241208868
Celery 6 stalks 30046.790.562.14.8
Kale 3 stalks 7536.756.60.673.222.7
Kiwi 2 16097.5240.81.764.8
Avocado 1 half 751186.711.71.365.22
Limes 2, peeled 12036131.40.93.5
Banana 1, peeled 10391.6423.70.2831.122.68
PB2 3 tbs 18.567.
Ginger ~1 inch 1081.
Pistachios ~ΒΌ cup 28.415981362.9
Total - 1153.9g 821.1 110.3g 41.8g 31.2g 38.8g
Servings (split) 577g 410.5 55.2g 20.9g 15.6g 19.4g

We originally found this recipe over at Green Kitchen Stories . Over the years we've made a few modifications, and lean hard into the chunkiness of this recipe.

Be ready to drink pulp. Lots of it.

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Basically chop everything, but here are some useful tips:

  • First thing, pour in the almond milk and chia seeds so that they can soak while you chop other ingredients.
  • We like to keep frozen bananas on hand. We just have a bunch in the freezer. It only needs to thaw about 5 minutes.
  • Refridgerate for about 10 minutes after making.
  • If we can't find a kiwi, we also make this juice with Mangos. Just substitute 2 kiwis for 1 mango.