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This popcorn recipe is probably killing us, but we just can't stop. So much butter. So much salt. So much cumin.

Don't stop us now.

Ingredient Amount gramscaloriescarbsfatproteinfiber
Popcorn 3/4 cup 140481.6102.675.9715.418.2
Coconut Oil 2 tbs 26.223402800
Butter 2 tbs 28.42040240.20
Salt 1 tbs ------
Cumin 3 tbs ------
Total - 194.6g 919.6 102.7g 58g 15.6g 18.2g
Servings (split) 97.3g 459.8 51.3g 29g 7.8g 9.1g

We don't follow the amounts perfectly. You kind of have to feel it.

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This is generally pretty easy to make, but we have some tips for the popcorn:

  1. Heat the oil in a large pot over medium heat with 3 kernels in the pan
  2. Wait for all three kernels to pop
  3. Take off heat, put remaining kernels in pot. Count a full 30 seconds
  4. Return to pot to heat. Occasionally shake the pot to drop the kernels to the bottom
  5. Remove from heat when the popcorn stops popping
  6. Divide popcorn into two large bowls
  7. Divide remaining ingredients in half. Stir each portion of popcorn in pot with ingredients

Also consider adding cayenne pepper or parmasian cheese for something different.